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Planta1 is one of the lines of work of the massive aesthetic association, a non-profit organization created in 2016.

It consists of an exhibition space where an independent curatorial project is developed that arises from the questioning of the current status or system of contemporary art. We believe on the opening and revitalization of artistic discourses, generating perceptive experiences of a very diverse nature, coming beyond the traditional fine arts, visual or plastic arts, placing special emphasis on those projects that are distinguished by their uniqueness and on that artists, managers and curators take a special interest in research, experimentation and innovation, with the aim of breaking down the current borders between the artistic categories and getting closer to a much more open, transversal and less elitist concept of “art”, that encourages the individual to consume cultural goods and to make them feel the need to live aesthetically.

National and international artists have passed and will pass through its exhibition space who are close in their approaches to what is suggested by the organization. Our primary purpose is the dissemination and collaboration in the production of exhibitions and the generation of proposals to approach contemporary art, leaving the commercialization of his works to the artists' agents (art galleries, representatives) or to the artist himself.


About us

In Planta1 we are a small team of people under the curatorship of Emilio Navarro who takes to this project the experience accumulated over more than thirty years of professional career.
Among them, the direction of the Caja de Burgos Art Center stands out as the most recent activity.

Some of the International Artists for whom he has curated individual exhibitions include: Cao Guimaraes (Brazil), David Shrigley (UK), Hiraki Sawa (Japan), Igor Eskinja (Croatia), Julia Oschatz (Germany), Marcel Van Eeden (Netherlands) , The Royal Art Lodge (Canada), Alex Arrechea (Cuba), Bridget Baker (South Africa), Ingo Giezendanner (Switzerland), Martin Assig (Germany), Geert Goiris (Belgium), Georges Rousse (France), Iván Navarro (Chile) , Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba), Pors & Rao (India), Jorge Pardo (USA), Hans Op de Beeck (Belgium), Francisco Infante & Nonna Gorionova (Russia), Meiro Koizumi (Japan), Lucy Skaer (UK), Narda Alvarado (Bolivia), Zilla Leuteneger (Switzerland), Pedro Reyes (Mexico), Lucia Koch (Brazil), Sofía Táboas (Mexico), María Loboda (Poland).

Some of the National Artists: Manu Muniategui, Mateo Maté, Nati Bermejo, Perejaume, Javier Arce, Gonzalo Puch, Cristina Lucas, Elena Blasco, Carlos Pérez Siquier, among others.

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