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A phrase written in English, partly written with subtle violence, partly crafted with measured neatness surrounds the mural perimeter of the space, “Grumble to live as though we were alive, guys”. We began the viewing of the works a little unsettled, certainly. The game of bewilderment has begun, a Fran Mohíno reluctant to be easily understood deploys all his weapons in the exhibition receptacle. An unsettling beginning for a space empty of obviousness.


Five soliloquies that expand and blend together. Five elements of a story of dedication to creative passion with excellent results of quality and singularity. Five clues to introduce us to a compendium of emotional and reflective registers corresponding to five isolated moments in the continuous work of an artist.

The emotional used to provoke restlessness and uneasiness, to unleash uncertainty, objectives of a diverse, unclassifiable, inscrutable artist called Fran Mohíno.



Multidisciplinary artist, initially trained in plastic arts and later in video. He also makes incursions into the field of product design.

Interested since his first artistic incursions in projects that approach the artistic from the margins of the mainstream. Uncomfortable and out of place in the established artistic environment, he opted for an introspective career.

Even so, PHE'06 awarded the Festival Off Prize to the exhibition shown at that year's edition. At the CAB of Burgos Fran Mohíno presented Who Loves You, Dear? and in the Vostell Museum in Malpartida I Can´t Get Your DEPRESSION Out Of My Head. In 2008 he was invited by the Ministry of Culture to participate in the project Ideas y propuestas para el arte en España.



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