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There are still artists who go out into the streets in search of unknown experiences, with their eyes wide open to the surprises that any person, animal or thing can provide them, with their ears attentive to any of the many conversations that intersect in their path and that they may find interesting, enigmatic, or just plain whimsical. There are still artists who return to the studio with a set of ideas, some mental, others registered, which are the ingredients of the new story that they are willing to cook up.

Someone who lets himself be pushed by the hidden energies in the streets, someone who surrenders to the most visceral feelings and starts painting romantic things in the rainy season, but who also, at a certain moment, gives into the wild and reflects in his paintings hallucinogenic moments.

A seeker of counterpoints like sweetness and bitterness, like the relaxed life and the marginal life, a flâneur,an amateur who comes to Spain, to Planta1, to invite us to delve into his little colorful fables made with his virtuous skill for drawing and various high-quality pictorial techniques, the result of his continuous and restless research to get the most out of painting.



“I just follow my instincts. I like to walk the path of painting as a portraitist of ideas; group them together giving them the freedom to transform into something else”




Javier Gutiérrez Orrico (1973, Córdoba, Argentina) is a professor of drawing at CENTRO, University of Design, Cinema and Television of Mexico City. In 2011, the Burgos CAB dedicated an excellent individual exhibition entitled "Irreverente".

Javier Gutiérrez Orrico is a creator of short stories that he imagines, most of the time, located in sublimated nature, perhaps the one provided by Mexico, the country that adopted him in 2002 and where certain extravagances that Mexican society whispers to the world take place. A lover of full freedom, of the exercise of painting at any time and in any place, a man who lets himself be carried away by intuition, by impulses, when it comes to heading towards places where there is a history that he wants to meet, knowing that both heaven and hell may be crouching, waiting for him, just around the corner.




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