04 de mayo    28 de mayo de 2022

The title of the exhibition "Quantity and recurrence" anticipates the two concepts that gravitate in this set of works. As usual in the artist, her extraordinary intuitive capacity to discover materials that, after a process of production and creative manipulation, can go from being insignificant to transcending their original status and reaching the category of artistic piece, is revealed in the room.  

The possibility of access to materials in terms of diversity and quantity in the place where she develops a specific work and its adaptation to the environment is another of Magdalena's virtues that is also easily visible in this set of works that the artist has designed and made specifically for our space and that can be seen until May 28.

The abstract-geometric universe that the artist has been building throughout her long career takes shape here in different pieces: two impressive murals made of paper in situ for space, four mysterious free-standing sculptures, a plasticine composition adhered to the wall and a set of subtle and delicate colored wool drawings certify Atria's ability to create disturbing works from what is at hand with exquisite aesthetic criteria.



Magdalena Atria is a visual artist born in Santiago, Chile, where she lives and works. From an early interest in painting, her work has expanded into a wide variety of media, focusing on the subjective use of materials and processes that belong to the collective. The images, objects and materials present in his work come from specific cultural contexts and manifest the tension that keeps us permanently tied to the real world but yearning for the ideal.

Among other important recognitions, Magdalena Atria exhibited in 2013 at Matadero Madrid within the "Open for Works" program. He has received numerous scholarships and awards, including the Fulbright Scholarship, CIFO mid-career scholarship, and the National Fund for the Development of the Arts FONDART, on several occasions.



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